2008. november 4., kedd

VI. Surányi by Shilliam Wakespeare


Murcy - source of all that is good, holy, etc

the members of his merry gang of criminals:

Balázs (hall-lo!)

Surányi - the servant of the forces of evil

Happening in: PTE BTK gardens and building

Curtains Up

Scene 1 (in the garden of BTK)

enter Murcy

Thou be damned, evil woman, I shan't enter your dungeons, no I shall not!!!! I might die a painful death, but I shan't be moved!!

enter Panka

Thou shalt be kicked in the arse by the forces of evil, shan't you come into class! Your head will be taken from your body, and misery shall writthle through all the lands of good and holy.

Nevertheless, this is the fate we must accept. I shall face my destiny, for I have no other choice but to stand up to my will! Stay, guard the entrance with me, for it is better in your company, or I shall die of boredom, slowly and painfully. And we could always drink a fröccs or two.

Thy will may be joined by mine, I shall join you in your worthy crusade. Wait a second though, good knight, for I first say goodnight to all of our merry friends.

Exit Panka

I shall wait until the Gods judge me, and give me the penalty I deserve.

Enter Balázs

Balázs, don't move, don't go and join the others in their pain and misery, stay with me, for you are late anyways, and the servant of evil, the Almigthy Surányi shall kick your ass.

I'd rather face it, oh good knight, but thou shalt watch over the gate, won't you? Pray for us.

That I will, I promise.

Scene 2 (in the dungeons of BTK)

Balázs on scene, enter Surányi

Where fort are thou going, wretched criminal?

Into your disciplinary classes, oh mighty servant of evil.

Don't you enter the dungeons, for I have been betrayed. All the others shall suffer a most painful death, when my wrath catches them!!!!!!

Exit both

Scene 3 (the gardens of BTK)

Panka, Balázs, Murcy on scene

My good companions, what are thou doing here? Why have you come back, my brother? And where the fuck have you been for so long, oh lady?

I have been unexpectedly held off off my course by the beautiful lady, princess of Tumpek... Sorry for that, what about them fröccses then?

I am here to tell you a tale most amazing which you won't believe. All the others have betrayed the Evil in a most clever way, for She thinks they all have left, but we have proof they have been waiting for death as martyrs all along.

Let us call the others then, and rejoice and relax for for another week we are saved!!!!

calls Szisz

Where is that wretched evil thing, which we have been waiting for all along?

She has left, come and rejoice with us!!!!!

Exit all

Curtains close

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elevennap írta...

csak neked lehetett ilyen mákod:P selcouth fortune:D

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This is (CENSORED - majd személyesen :D) good!!!
Te, bakkerrrrr, ezt szakesten elő kellett volna vala adni és eljátszani vala a nagyközönségnek! No nembaj, majd a következőn! :D:D:D
De ez nékem a bit archaikus... én nem beszélni old inglisül... én lenni primitív ehhez! XD
Modern verzsönt is kérek!!! :D:D:D
És legyé ott holnap Najbauer órán, bár másik teremben lesz (gőzöm sincs, hol XD), de azér legyél ott! & súgjál nekem!!!
És köszönöm mégeccer a börszdééééj lancsot!!! :D
(Panka voltam, csak másik account-al :D)