2011. május 29., vasárnap

Moment of Beauty

Time was running, hastening, until it tumbled over itself
To a standstill, in a moment of beauty, like a hundred years it felt.
Everything in the world froze for a second in the darkness
A beautiful chaos around us spawned a sea of chances

Out of nowhere came that moment, defined us there and then
And I have no idea if I can espace from it, and if I can then when.
I’m stuck in limbo, no way out, trapped in a strange, captivating land
Between fantasy and reality, where everything is surreal and nothing is bland

My future was set from that magic moment, for better or worse
And now I live among wonderful, unused fantasies that burst
Every waking moment when I realize you’re not here, and may not ever be
But I fight on since that moment, and hope you’ll someday see

The sun sets, time goes by, and soon it again rises
I still sit here among shades of myself in the darkness
Your presence lingers amongs the walls, where I go, you come with me
Inside every thought and feeling, with a knife in your hand, smiling slightly.

That moment of beauty is inside me, and deep inside I keep it,
It’s a gem, a hidden treasure, for me it’s a special secret.
But every time I think about it, it escapes, longing for you, like crazy
And it seems lost now, but I hope some day you’ll help me find
Our hidden, secret, ever-lasting moment of beauty

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